Store Shelving Installer
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Familiar with retail store set-up. Gondolas and steel shelving assembly. Peg board installation and Merchandise fixture assembly. Capable of using hand tools, cordless power tools and mechanical assembly tools while handling materials and fasteners. May be required to verify accuracy and quality in accordance with established standards.
1-3 years experience High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Ability to use hand tools.
  • Ability to fasten and assemble materials and displays using hand and cordless tools.
  • Must be able to accurately use tape, measure and level.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Can operate some power tools.
  • Understands material types for staging according to carpenter’s instructions.
  • Can fasten materials with hand and cordless tools.
Safety Requirements
Personal Safety Items: Hardhat, Work boots, Safety Glasses and Tool Belt.
Basic hand tools: nine piece set of box wrenches. Sockets, ¾” drive ratchet. Tap hammer. Tape measure. Cordless screw gun with screw and nut driver attachments.
Included Positions
Gondola Shelving, Retail Shelving, Store Shelving, Commercial Store Shelving, Gondola Store Shelving
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