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Responsible for the reliability and quality of installation of project materials. Maintains schedule of project completion. Installs project materials according to direct supervision instructions. Performs a variety of installation tasks. Reports to a project supervisor.
3-5 years experience
  • All ability with handsaws, hammers, chisels, planes, screwdrivers, clamps, specialty toolsand sawhorses
  • All ability with jig saws, circular saws, table saws, power miter saws, sanders routers, drills, and bits
  • Use of prying tools
  • Accurate reading of tape measures, levels, and squares
  • Correct application of tape measure, level, and chalklines
  • Can build a straightedge guide
  • Can build a workbench
  • Able to read assembly instructions
  • Able to use all pneumatic fastening guns and staplers
Safety Requirements
Personal Safety Items: Hardhat, Work boots, Safety Glasses and Tool Belt. Professional Tool Box for Maintaining your tools on-site.
Owns all hand tools and some portable power equipment including: circular saw, air compressor, hoses and finish nail guns, chop saw, and cordless screw gun with screw and nut driver attachments.
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